Embry PHYS 102 Discussion latest


Module 1 Discussion Question


Based on the concepts of physics, why is jumping off the seat of a chair and landing on the floor less harmful than jumping off the top of a tall building and hitting the ground?




Module 2 Discussion Question


Two astronauts in an orbiting space station are throwing a baseball back and forth (playing catch). Compared to playing catch on Earth, what effect, if any, does the weightless environment have on the process of accelerating the ball?




Module 3 Discussion Question


If you hold a ball at eye level and suddenly drop it, the ball will bounce back but not to its original height. Explain the energy conservation that takes place during this process, and explain why the ball does not return to its original release height.




Module 4 Discussion Question


A ship on a large river approaches a bridge. The captain notices that the ship is 1 foot too tall to pass under the bridge. A crew member suggests pumping water from the river into a large holding tank on the ship. Could this be a possible solution? Why or why not?




Module 5 Discussion Question  


Air is allowed to escape from an inflated tire. Is the temperature of the escaping air higher than, lower than, or equal to the temperature of the air inside the tire? Explain.




Module 6 Discussion Question  


In the past, ships often carried small cannons that were fired when approaching the shore in dense fog. The purpose of firing the cannon was to estimate the ship’s distance from the hidden land. Explain how this estimate might have been accomplished.




Module 7 Discussion Question


If the electric utility company where you live suddenly changed the frequency of the alternating current to 20 Hz, what problems might this cause at your house?




Module 8 Discussion Question


What are some main uses of microwaves? Explain how each process works.




Module 9 Discussion: Question


Why do metals exhibit the photoelectric effect quite easily?

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