CIS 312 Final Exam Answers


• Question 1
A(n) ____ increases a signal’s strength (amplitude) and can extend a signal’s range by boosting signal power to overcome attenuation.


• Question 2
Square waves can be generated by rapidly switching (pulsing) an electrical or optical power source—a technique called ____.


• Question 3
A(n) ____ is the maximum number of bits or bytes per second that the channel can carry.


• Question 4
Messages can be loosely categorized into two types—data messages and command messages.


• Question 5
____ mode uses a single shared channel, and each node takes turns using the transmission line to transmit and receive.


• Question 6
Noise can be introduced into copper, aluminum, and other wire types by ____.


• Question 7
In DCE, the security server issues security “____” to each party that are exchanged to verify identities.


• Question 8
Servers can be offline or idle except when needed to access client resources.


• Question 9
With ____, a resource user asks for a resource, and if it isn’t found in the local resource registry, the resource locator searches for it in external locations.


• Question 10
With the ____ protocol, a process on one machine can call a process on another machine.


• Question 11
With P2P architecture, there are more potential bottlenecks and points of failure.


• Question 12
A server manages system resources and provides access to these resources through a well-defined communication interface.


• Question 13
Static connections are easy to initialize and maintain.


• Question 14
Web resources are identified by a unique ____.


• Question 15
If the logical record size is less than the physical record size, a single physical record might contain multiple logical records.


• Question 16
A ____ is a temporary holding area for extracting logical records from physical records.


• Question 17
The directory that’s currently being accessed is called the ____ directory


• Question 18
The ____ contains a sequential set of file records, one for each file in the volume.


• Question 19
Physical storage allocation considerations include placement of fields and records in a file and distribution of a file across storage locations, media, or devices.


• Question 20
A typical computer has up to a few hundred storage volumes.


• Question 21
With scripting languages, programmers can assemble application software rapidly by “gluing” together the capabilities of many other programs.


• Question 22
Software has surpassed hardware to become the most costly component of most information systems.


• Question 23
A ____ defines the name and data type of program variables.


• Question 24
Class models and other types of diagrams document user and system requirements.


• Question 25
A ____ is a nonprocedural language suitable for developing software that mimics human intelligence.


• Question 26
A ____ uses mnemonics to represent instructions, variables, and labels and has a degree of instruction explosion higher than 1:1.


• Question 27
____ make forwarding decisions by using layer 3 addresses.


• Question 28
The oldest and most widely used VoIP protocol suite is ____.


• Question 29
The written format of 128-bit IP addresses is called ____ notation.


• Question 30
____ is a connectionless protocol that provides less reliable transport services.


• Question 31
Star topologies now dominate physical network topology for wired networks.


• Question 32
The OSI model predates the TCP/IP model by almost a decade.


• Question 33
A reference to a page held in memory is called a ____.


• Question 34
In ____ memory allocation, each process partition has its own offset value.


• Question 35
____ scheduling chooses the next thread to be dispatched based on the expected amount of CPU time needed to complete the process.


• Question 36

When considered as a byte sequence, the rightmost byte is called the most significant byte.


• Question 37
____ occurs when memory partitions allocated to a single process or purpose are scattered throughout physical memory.


• Question 38
In explicit priority scheduling, the scheduler always dispatches the ready thread that has been waiting the longest.


• Question 39
In accounting, ____ is the process of examining records to determine whether generally accepted accounting principles were applied correctly in preparing financial reports.


• Question 40
Computer and software purchases are capital expenditures, even though the expected useful lifetime of computer hardware and software has decreased in recent years because of rapid technological change.


• Question 41
____ can be seen in the home when air conditioners, refrigerators, and electric dryers are started and cause a momentary dimming of lights.


• Question 42
____ is the process of determining whether an authenticated user or process has enough rights to access a resource.


• Question 43
A(n) longer-term power sag that is often caused by the power provider is known as a ____.


• Question 44
A ____ consists of a digitizing tablet and a pen, stylus, or both.


• Question 45
Early plasma displays accepted the same analog video signals as CRTs.


• Question 46
____ is a standard for storing and transporting control information between computers and electronic musical instruments.


• Question 47
A(n) ____ is a microprocessor specialized for processing continuous streams of audio or graphical data.


• Question 48
On paper, pixel size corresponds to the smallest drop of ink that can be placed accurately on the page.


• Question 49
For video display, a pixel displays no light or light of a specific color and intensity.


• Question 50
The process of converting analog sound waves to digital representation is called ____.



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